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Is this ONE THING keeping you from the energy and body you want?

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Gotcha! 🙂 How many headlines and emails subject lines like that do you see every day? Tons, I bet. They’re almost irresistible to open, aren’t they? You just have to know what the latest “one thing” is. Because of how seductive that is, I go against the grain a little when I exhort that it’s never just one thing. (I’ve never been one to go with the grain. 😉 ) Instead, I coach and train so that that integral pillars are put firmly in place FIRST. From there, we can (and do!) optimize. I approach …

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Why I see YOU as an athlete—and why it matters

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Do you think athletes are other people? Believe me, I understand. In fact, as reasonably athletic as I consider myself now, I wasn’t always. I definitely grew up thinking an athlete was a certain kind of person—definitely not me. As a chubby, unathletic grade-schooler, I was picked last for every team, and often beaten up after school (for reals—this was New York). I was clumsy and awkward. I was scared of sports till I was in my 20s. But not only did I come to love movement and sports specifically as part of a healthy, happy life—I …

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Want your skin to age well? YOU age well.

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Skin reflects health. People often compliment me on my skin (thanks! so sweet! 🙂 ), and it’s one reason (among a good handful) that I am often thought to be younger than I am. People also ask how. Well, it’s not one product or one thing I do. (It never is.) Everything that works about my health, fitness or vitality is because of EVERYTHING I do. Everything affects everything, which is why I never say “do this one thing,” and instead focus on the interplay between all the vital basics—and establishing that first. It’s the …

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What we believe about Joyful Nourishment: a movement and a manifesto

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Do you believe what I believe (about healthy, joyful nourished living?) If you do, you might actually be part of a movement! There are many possible definitions of “tribe.” But recently I heard a definition of  “tribe” that really sparked something for me. Apparently it comes from British/American author and motivational speaker Simon O. Sinek who wrote Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. A brilliant teacher of “online superheroes” named Marisa Murgatroyd passed it along while teaching at a conference.)    This particular definition describes your tribe as people who believe …

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Nourishment and self care when times are tough (or just look that way)

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Many of us are wondering in these arguably dark times what we can do, how we can make a difference, how we can offer support, and how we can take care of ourselves / other people / the planet under current conditions. I have some thoughts. There are probably many things we can each do, that we will be called to do, certainly on more than one level. I have been thinking about what I’m currently doing for work + contribution—one of the main things—and how it relates to all this. At times recently, I wondered if it does relate. Does …

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Red Bean-Red Beet-Red Cabbage Soup

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A gorgeous, warming, red-purple soup for winter’s gloomiest days! I whipped this up the other night when I had a large hunk of a giant head of red cabbage still waiting to be used, even after a couple days of stir-fries. I remember my Grandma Rose, who lived downstairs when I was growing up, cooking cabbage soup—and I loved the smell in the house. (My dad, I recall, did not.) She used beef, which as a plant-based eater I do not, but you can add meat if you like or you can use veggie “crumbles” as I did. …

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Smart Summer Snacks—Cool, Quick, On The Go!

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With the weather heated up and many of us spending more time active outdoors—and planning summer travel—it’s a great time to put a little thought into making sure you’re prepped to be well-fueled wherever you go! Whether you’re road-tripping, flying off to visit friends and family, backpacking, hiking/biking, or just headed to the pool, it’s important to be conscious of including snacks among your essentials. If you value your health and energy, you don’t want to be at the mercy of an airline meal, a roadside fast-food joint, or a concession stand. Worse, you don’t …

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I’m a plant-based health coach, fitness trainer, and author—this is what I eat in a day

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I’m a certified fitness trainer and plant-based health coach, everyday amateur athlete, and a passionate proponent of aging beautifully, slowly and healthfully through radical joyful self-care. I wrote the bestselling Bodyfueling when in was just in my 20s, in the 1990s, and now 20+ years later I’m writing NOURISHED: Radical Self-Care and a Sustainable Life—Made Joyful, Easy, Smart and Delicious (Field Notes from a Fit and Fearless Quarter-Century). I love food and love to eat. In the spirit of an explosion of Well + Good and MindBodyGreen “what I eat in a day” articles—usually featuring …

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Basic swim workout for everyone—beat the summer heat!

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I invented a pretty simple yet varied swim workout for myself and my clients. Here in Southern Arizona, it’s tricky to to get a daytime outdoor workout at this time of year without being in the water. If your summertime temps present the same challenge, you might like this adaptable routine. It can be done once through, or twice for a longer workout. And it can be done at whatever level of strenuousness is at your own edge. It does vary in intensity and you should always be a little bit out of breath, ideally …

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When someone who read your book at age 19 writes to you at age 40

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I will try to introduce this dialogue as briefly as possible. I wrote this book BodyFueling in the 1990s. It came out in 1994, sold over 150,000 copies published by Warner Books, was reprinted in five countries.  Not millions of copies or a New York Times bestseller, but it made many regional bestseller lists and got some great reviews from major magazines and newspapers. Pretty good for a 25-year-old first-time author without an agent. I was quite young and so was the Internet, and there were no social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blogs …