A clear-headed and refreshing look beyond thoughtless diet platitudes and trying to “fix” your body.

BodyFueling® (Warner, 1994—revised version coming late 2017!) is user-friendly education on purposeful eating, both for high performance and joyful satisfaction. It aimed to end body ignorance, confusion and what Robyn Landis has termed “diet thinking,” so people begin to fuel their lives instead of nearsightedly trying to “fix their bodies.”

The original book offered an eye-opening, easy-to-apply basic education on how the human body uses food as fuel. It also examined the massive failure of healthy-eating/fitness education in America, and provided alternatives.

This progressive, enlightened approach has helped thousands of people transform the way they care for themselves and think about food and their bodies.

BodyFueling® received accolades from respected publications such as Longevity magazine and the Seattle Times, and also enjoyed a high rank on many regional bestseller lists. It has been published in five countries and was an alternate selection of the Prevention Book Club, Literary Guild and the Doubleday Book Club.

After 14 months in hardcover, reaching the top 10 on numerous regional bestseller lists (including number 3 on the Seattle Times bestseller list), there are now well over 170,000 copies in print (hardcover plus paperback).

Landis coined and trademarked the terms “bodyfueling®” as a new distinction for relating to food and the human body, and “diet thinking™” to refer to the misleading body of assumptions, platitudes, and myths that surround the topic of eating and health in America.

For decades, “diet thinking” has kept Americans on a regimen of denial and suffering—and in the dark about their bodies. The BodyFueling® approach delivers peace with food issues, joy in eating, and the end of confusion, ignorance and “diet thinking.” It’s about not only looking and feeling great and aging well, but having food be a source of pleasure and energy instead of a problem.

Landis’ approach—a combination of fundamental education about the human body and a positive, empowering perspective on investing in one’s body, health, and future—leaves people really wanting to eat and exercise in the ways that really matter to longevity, fitness and energy.

It’s about knowing what to do—AND doing it. Joyfully.

Bodyfueling® also revealed a stunning portrait of the real state of mind of the American consumer, and presented a compelling means for bridging the information gap.

BodyFueling® explained why:

  • You don’t have to “watch” your “weight.”
  • There is no one food, one fact or one answer that will “fix” everything.
  • Eating enough is as important as not eating too much.
  • Eating for pleasure isn’t “wrong” or “bad.”
  • There are basics that are vital for everyone, and the rest is personal choice.
  • A strong personal context for why you invest in and care for your body is absolutely essential to a healthy lifestyle you choose and love.

BodyFueling® gives people the inspiration to eat for high performance, health and fitness—to make today’s most widely-urged dietary changes. It combines information, context, structure and support so people can make “fueling the body” a priority and a rewarding way of life.

BodyFueling® material is based on longstanding principles of human physiology and biochemistry. Landis synthesizes, organizes and presents this science so it is understandable, applicable, and put in perspective.

Perhaps most importantly, BodyFueling® encourages people to develop a lifelong vision for their fitness and health, to make a connection between what we eat and whether we fulfill our planned futures—a compelling long-term context that is deeply motivating and lasting. This highly successful approach presents eating as a way of investing in the body and emphasize that eating is normal, not something to be suppressed or “cut back.”

As a health writer, advocate, and motivational speaker, Robyn has delivered consulting, lectures and workshops on the Bodyfueling approach of “fueling our lives” to thousands of people, both individuals and in groups, ranging from Fortune 50 executives from around the world to physicians, athletes, schools and health clubs. An executive development program and a life-skills program for women on public assistance incorporated her work in the 1990s. She has also worked with teenagers in eating disorder prevention groups.

Thousands of BodyFueling® readers and workshop participants reported taking on “fueling” as a way of eating for life, rather than as a “diet.” They experienced increased energy, slow but consistent fat loss, more efficiency and enjoyment with food shopping and cooking—and most importantly, a brand-new freedom and ease with eating, food, diet and weight issues.

Her second book, Herbal Defense, did a similar service for herbs and natural medicine—stripping away hype and misinformation, translating jargon into common-sense language, and empowering consumers to think for themselves about their health care and to be “choiceful” about what they put into their bodies.

Landis states: “My ultimate mission is not even as much about food as it is about getting people to think, to distinguish things so they can evaluate their options critically, and to care deeply about their bodies, lives and world. I encourage people to take responsibility for their own care, their own health, their own futures, and that of the planet too.

“And moreover, I empower them to do it gladly and by choice, not because they ‘should.’ I don’t nag, I inspire. I give good thought-provoking reasons, good explanations, and good tools.

“That’s why people I’ve worked with not only change the way they eat or take care of themselves–their experience changes. Their experience is one of choice. It is joyful and powerful.”

See for yourself: Below you can read what people have said about Robyn’s writing, teaching and approach:

(Robyn’s evolved, refined, expanded and matured redux on BodyFueling is her NOURISH U programs. Her third book, Nourished, will be out in 2017. She offers her nine-week online group coaching program Nourish U: The Joyful Self-Care Success System—9 Weeks to Happier Healthy Habits and a Fully-Charged Life; And she speaks at companies, conferences, events and schools. She can be booked for speaking/workshops or individual coaching at OR fill out the request form at  You can also get a free eBook on her Keys to Motivation for Healthy Living.)


These are real comments from real people. They came from phone calls and letters from people who have read the book, and from participant comments after workshops/seminars and on speaking evaluations and surveys. Some of these comments are also from the media, fitness trainers, doctors and teachers. Most of them are from people just like you who found something here they’d found nowhere else.

Pay special attention to the nature of these testimonials! They are unique–because what BodyFueling® does is unique. These comments are, in fact, what caught the attention of the editor who acquired BodyFueling® for Warner Books. She called because she saw something special and different in these comments than you generally see in “diet book” testimonials, and she was intrigued.

Note what a different quality they have than the usual “Wow!!! I lost X lbs in X days!!!” Note people’s emphasis on the new quality of their experience of eating; their feeling of being empowered, inspired and informed about food, health, and their bodies; their grasp of what it means to be healthy and take care of themselves; their heightened sense of responsibility for their bodies and their commitment to investing in their health through eating and exercise; their expanded big-picture view of how nourishing themselves today bears on the long-term future–and their newfound freedom, joy and “choicefulness” in healthy eating.


What people say about
the book:

“Dynamically delivered…a myth-busting tour de force.”
Longevity Magazine

“I wished she’d taught my high school science classes.”
Molly Martin, The Seattle Times

“A sensible yet powerful nutrition health book that both informs and transforms. Full of good sense as well as good science…Superb!”
Jeffrey S. Bland, Ph.D.

“I found BodyFueling to make more sense than anything else I had personally tried or read about, and I have recommended it to my patients ever since as the only answer that works over time. While the information Robyn has amassed is not new, her approach is. Sure, I had learned all the facts in medical school (or so I thought)—but Robyn’s unique way of presenting the facts inspires and motivates us to put those facts into practice, day in and day out. BodyFueling is the only thing in 15 years that worked for me personally, and I’m convinced that her approach is the only real answer to the American food/health issue.”
Dr. Ann McCombs, D.O.

“BodyFueling® has freed me from the battle of the scale. I am eating more today than I ever have before…the result is that I feel great and have all the energy I need.”
R.M. Heslin, Vice President, Aetna Health Plans

“Thoroughly researched and exceptionally accurate…Her analogies are thoughtful, graphic and memorable, making abstract science come alive…The case for new thinking in health and fitness education has found a unique and powerful voice in Robyn Landis.”
Dr. Kaaren Nichols, M.D.

“As a personal trainer, I often look for books that I can read and pass on to my clients. I hate ‘fad’ books, especially on nutrition, diet and exercise….I have been reading and studying in the fitness field for 20 years, and never have I seen a book that was so valuable educationally.”
Sue Engelman, A.C.E., Aerobics Instructor & Personal Trainer, St. Petersburg, FL

“I’m an ACE-certified instructor who sees clients seven hours a day, five days a week, and I read everything on this subject, and this is definitely the best little book I’ve ever read in my entire life! A client gave it to me–she’s quite overfat but has been living by this and has lost 18 pounds of fat and has never been happier or felt better in her life! You’ve done a great thing with this book.”
Randi Albrechtsen, A.C.E., Aerobics Instructor & Personal Trainer, McCall, ID

“BodyFueling deflated all of the arguments, resistance and emotional issues about ‘healthy eating’ that kept me from fully committing myself to it. Nothing–even after 14 years of being a fitness instructor myself–reached me like the clarity, authenticity and completeness of BodyFueling®. Before, food issues took up a lot of space and energy, and I got no results. BodyFueling® totally reversed that: now food is not a concern, and I have a whole lot of results. It may be hard to believe, but losing 14 pounds of fat in the last two years is almost irrelevant compared to the emotional freedom, practical ease and functional elegance of fueling.”
Susan Bennett, Teacher, Edmonds, WA

“This book is sensational! Your research is incredible. The way you write is phenomonal. It’s entertaining, easy to understand, and your analogies are perfect. I feel so knowledgeable myself now; it feels wonderful.”
June G., Westport, CT

“I bought every food and diet book that came along in the past few decades. After reading BodyFueling, I threw every last one of them into the garbage—I didn’t even want to donate them to Goodwill.This is the first time I’ve ever had that kind of confidence in a book in my life. And the greatest thing isn’t that I’ve already lost a size and can fit into my old jeans, but that a workout which used to be grueling is now such a pleasure that I doubled the workout time—all because of a snack!”
Kathy M., Seattle, WA

“I have never, ever, ever read a more remarkable book in my entire life. It’s taken all the pieces that were floating out there and put them together. I’m an educated person, I have all kind of degrees—but I had no idea how my body works. I’d go to step aerobics without eating and think I was tired and nauseous from the heat…I’m liberated!”
Karen J., Alexandria, VA

“I actually sat down one weekend and wrote down all of my goals for my life and thought about the health and fitness I will need to accomplish those things. It was really powerful and has changed the whole way I look at healthy eating.”
Greg B., Minneapolis, MN

“Very well organized, concise, excellent analogies and illustrations—a terrific biology lesson. It put me into immediate action.”
Jack Durney, Teacher and Film Producer, Edmonds, WA

“Given how well this works, I have no desire to eat high-fat, high-sugar things any more. I’m astounded at my energy level, and I’ve lost inches. I don’t worry about eating any more. I just fuel up.”
William C., Seattle, WA

“I definitely have a sense of what I need to do if I want health and fitness—and I also know that if I don’t do it, that’s my choice. And I am making better choices, especially in restaurants. I have much more energy at the end of the day, so I’ve been able to begin exercising.”
Patti N., Seattle, WA

“The first eye-opener was getting out the hidden fats and sugars. Secondly, beginning to eat at frequent intervals has increased my staying power throughout the day. The third benefit has been to ease up on being driven to exercise without fail…I have gained pounds, yet lost two inches on the waist. I am almost into a 30″ pant, where I was in high school. My energy went up and my food bill went down. I wish every parent concerned about the well-being of their children, and anyone who has struggled with body issues will learn that the answer is simple and painless.”
Al Battson, Seattle, WA

“People don’t recognize me on the street. My bodyfat has dropped many percentage points. I’m wide awake at 6:30 a.m. Used to be I couldn’t get out of bed before nine if my soul depended on it. I don’t think about eating anything junky any more. I can’t even look at it, frankly. I’ve gotten to where it’s kind of taken over, you know what I mean? It’s part of me. And I love it.”
Bill K., Seattle, WA

“I don’t know what I weighed before, and I don’t know what I weigh now. What I know is I fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear for three years or more. People who haven’t seen me for a while are blown away. There has been a total transformational shift in how I eat. It’s just very natural. The fat seemed to fall off when I wasn’t even looking. I’m so happy–most of all because this just isn’t an issue any more.”
Jan S., Kirkland, WA

“So this is why I have lost the same ‘weight’ (not fat) over and over and over again…Since BodyFueling® I’ve been fueling my body so much better, and believe it or not, I have already felt a BIG difference. I feel good, my mood is higher, my head is clearer and I have more energy for my 3-year-old son. I have told everyone who will hold still long enough about BodyFueling®.”
Cathryn D., Seattle, WA

“I saw that I had been eating to ‘fix’ myself, not to have the energy to live my life. In fact, I haven’t been eating; I’ve been starving. I’ve been so busy tinkering with the engine, I hadn’t made just plain fuel a priority.”
Tom A., Seattle, WA

“Food has been a big issue for me over the years, and I’ve never seen it presented before so that things began to occur differently to me. It’s okay to eat now—I can fuel myself and I won’t get fat. I don’t feel deprived and I don’t feel guilty! I also waste less time worrying about food. My training is greatly improved too.”
David K., Port Angeles, WA

“For the first time, I don’t think I’m wrong for how much I weigh, or for wanting to eat…When I go to buy food, I’m not just looking to fill an urge; I’m thinking, ‘What do I want to put in this body?’ I’m ‘fueling’, and I’m feeling great, and people say I look great.”
Eugene K., Seattle, WA

“Not only has my enjoyment of cooking increased immensely, but my husband and kids are healthier. I really see how important what you put in your mouth is. It’s like a light bulb went off. It’s really altered my life.”
Ruth R., Darrington, WA

“What’s incredible is that I forget all about my old cravings. I had this routine of stopping by this special place to get a ‘killer’ cookie, and it keeps slipping my mind. I just don’t think of it. It’s not ‘magic’–it just makes sense. It’s easy, it’s wonderfully delicious, it’s an incredible amount of food, it’s even inexpensive.”
Ann F., M.S.W., psychotherapist, Seattle, WA

BodyFueling® has fundamentally and permanently altered our perception of dieting, health, and our relationship to food. Changes included me dropping down two dress sizes, snacking all the time on healthy food, reading every label before buying, eating three-quarters less red meat and cheese; and never going more than four hours without food. The information you provide should be common knowledge!”
Sue Maas, Bellevue, WA

BodyFueling® has changed my energy and my life. I didn’t really know what eating well meant. I was starving myself and had no idea. I no longer assume that as I get older, I must get fatter. I realize that I love my body and I love to take care of it. Also, eating before running altered my training—I couldn’t believe the difference—I ran a fantastic marathon.”
Peg M., Physical Therapist, CA

BodyFueling® gave me the support and clarity I need to make choices every day to take care of my body. I had worked out for years trying to get definition through body scultping and aerobics. After BodyFueling®, the visual difference was amazing even though I didn’t change my workout a bit. I heartily endorse this very practical material!”
Karen T., Seattle, WA

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What people say about Robyn’s coaching
and The BodyFueling® Workshop:

“Your grasp of the material is superb . . . I definitely learned from BodyFueling . . .You have an extraordinary ability to illustrate complex concepts without being either condescending or confusing. Astoundingly well-produced, professional written materials . . . Above all, what you delivered was freedom and choice; I could feel myself relaxing about the whole thing. I’ve never seen nutrition presented in such an original way . . . The interaction between you and participants is powerful. It’s the right combination of everything; your work’s potential is immense. I’m fueling my body!”
Dr. Kaaren Nichols, M.D., founder of the Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic

” I never heard a lay person so knowledgeable and clear about fats, food and the way the body works . . . I can’t believe she learned all of that in just one four-hour workshop. I had assumed she received months of training . . . I’m very impressed [with what she got out of BodyFueling].”
Carol Cottet, Nurse Practitioner (A.R.N.P.), Portland, regarding her patient, a BodyFueling® participant

“I’m a total champion. Nothing else has worked for me like this. I’m wearing clothes I’ve never worn before, my face has rosy color, I’m never hungry, and cravings for sugar and fat are minimal to non-existent. Most important, I am aware at all times that fueling my body is a choice that I have, moment to moment—there’s nothing to ‘go on’ or ‘go off’. I’m referring all of my patients. I can turn people over to you and know that their basic eating concerns will be handled.”
Dr. Ann McCombs, D.O., Seattle, WA

“I already knew most of the information, and yet I had never put it all together. What your course did was put me in touch with my commitment to my fitness and health, so now I’m actually using the information.”
Mark Weeks, Seattle, WA

“Great job . . . I’m definitely recommending it to my patients. I’ve made some big changes myself—I always eat breakfast now and have much more energy throughout the day . . . I see I wasn’t eating enough. Now I’ll have a snack no matter what, even if a patient is waiting! It only takes a minute. It really has made a big difference.”
Dr. Jim Bentz, D.C., Bellevue, WA

“I feel really great! I’m eating so much it’s amazing—and my energy level after workouts is radically different. Before, it would go way down during and after . . . Oh, thank you so much. Please use me as a reference!”
Pam L., Seattle, WA

“. . . A small investment that will make a huge difference for the rest of my life. I saw that a shift in my eating could be easy, and now it’s becoming fun. I can tell I’m losing fat, and that’s not even what I intended. I used to always be hungry, and I’m not any more. It’s the best.”
Dawn N., Therapist, Sequim, WA

“Not overwhelming . . . not judgmental . . . very good. One of the biggest impacts it had was when you talked about having food with you all the time. I feel a lot better eating more frequently. I bring my own food now, instead of calling the kitchen and having them fix me a tray of whatever. I’ve taken charge. It helps that now I know where to find the good food, too . . . I’m a lot more aware of how others eat now. An overweight colleague came in at 5 p.m. and hadn’t eaten all day; she was famished. Now it makes sense why she doesn’t lose fat.”
Dr. Julia Tyson, Physician, Seattle, WA

“It’s great to be listening to my body. I absolutely won’t go three hours without eating any more. I actually got off the freeway halfway to a meeting and bought food because it was time for my snack. I keep food by the bed so I’ll eat before I run in the morning. So I don’t have those big dips anymore where I feel absolutely awful. And even though I came to the course resistant to giving up sugar, I’ve stopped eating refined sugar. I was seriously addicted to sugar, so breaking that is a real accomplishment. When I do eat something rich, I choose it and I enjoy it. Josh [husband, a professional chef and course participant] is taking it much more seriously than I thought he would. He’s cooking and baking with fruit juice and less fat, and he’s been great about buying food; there’s a lot of new food in the house. It’s pretty much a part of the way we eat now. You should teach this to athletes—I never learned all this stuff. It used to be pretty hit or miss.”
Ginny Gilder, nonprofit founder, mother and former U.S. Olympic rowing team member, Seattle, WA

“I used to leave breakfast to the unknown. Now I make breakfast happen, no matter what. I’ve lost several dress sizes, I’m working out more . . . I can’t help noticing all the people at the clubs working their butts off and getting nowhere. One club had candy out for snacks. I was appalled. The next day, after I talked to them, they had fruit, juice and rolls.”
Linda T., Massage Therapist, Seattle, WA

“I have been eating burgers all my life, yet now they disgust me. They make me shudder. Not because I can’t have them—I know I could once in a while and it would be okay. It’s because they seem gross now.  I am eating in a way that’s consistent with my long-term health and well-being. Tremendously valuable.”
David H., Acton, MA

“Excellent, great, I love it! This is for me. I’m finding all sorts of wonderful alternatives and choices. It feels like the most natural thing in the world to eat this way. In the past, I would have said ‘I ate too much, now I’ve got to cut back’ and gone on the diet seesaw. Now I saw that the one day wasn’t significant and kept right on fueling. I just can’t believe how great it is! I’m walking every day now and have bountiful energy.”
Patt D., Olympia, WA

“I am absolutely wild about all this eating—knowing that eating is a normal, healthy, necessary activity! I carry big bags of food with me everywhere. I just feel so much better doing it—more energy, and I don’t have cravings anymore. I feel better in the morning. I didn’t realize that I didn’t feel well before.”
Kathy D., Nurse, Portland, OR

“I always eat breakfast now, and my energy level is way up. When I don’t snack, I notice the difference.  This has been incredibly valuable, especially the inspiration.”
Meagan W., TV News Producer, Chicago, IL

“We’ve cut out cheese, and I don’t have cravings any more. We do have whatever we want on holidays . . . My tummy is gone. I wear a size 6 now . . . Cooking has been the most amazing thing. I come home and it’s ‘oh, goody’—I can’t wait to see what I’m going to put together tonight. I think differently. The guidelines are helpful, but I really ad lib. It was never that way before . . . We really appreciate your concern and diligence. I’ve never seen this presented without glitz and hype.”
Sue M. Bellevue, WA

“I don’t seem to crave things anymore. I still had Christmas cookies all over the place a month after the holidays–I don’t think I’ve finished a single cookie. I guess I should throw them away . . . I used to use diet pop as a crutch every time I got hungry, because I thought I shouldn’t be eating. It’s no wonder I used to be so hungry all the time. I’m off the ‘yo-yo system.'”
Carole K., Seattle, WA

“You’re inspiring. I have a stronger commitment to the sanity of healthy fueling. I suggest a version for the junior generation, too!”
Trudy B., TV Producer, Seattle, WA

“I am very familiar with the diabetic exchange diet and this workshop addresses food labeling and integration into daily life in a way that the exchange diet does not. The personal commitment work put it all in a positive light and the biology was put very succinctly.”
Theresa B., Fitness Trainer, Seattle, WA

“This is exciting. I can barely keep up with the eating! I never knew eating enough could make such a difference. My waist is smaller. I wish everyone would do it. It drives me crazy now when I see people starving themselves.”
Sandra M., Tacoma, WA

“I was eating just apples and kept getting fatter. Now I eat a lot and I’m getting smaller! I wore the dress I wanted to the prom . . . I was runner-up for homecoming queen. I’m so happy.”
Cam Ferree, Federal Way, WA

“I love it! I love eating real food. It’s great having lots of good food in the house and getting off those little tiny frozen meals. The grocery store is fun now—I like reading labels. I’m neither full nor hungry. I wake up awake at 5 a.m.; before, I used to lay there. I’m not as tired any more.”
Sheila N., Seattle, WA

“Participating in BodyFueling is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done for myself.”
Sue U., Golf Professional, Bellevue, WA

“I am absolutely amazed at my energy level since we started eating this way. I’m having as full a day as I can ever remember—getting up earlier, going to sleep later and feeling fantastic. I could never have taken on a consulting business in the evening in addition to a full-time day job. Now I can enjoy both . . . I’m really impressed. It’s so straightforward; it was a surprise to me how simple and easy it was to make a few key adjustments that make such a difference. I have a much better sense of when I’m hungry and need ‘fuel.’ I’ve been talking about this . . . it’s shocking how little people actually know.”
Pat M., Irvine, CA

“It’s almost like a few hours with you shouldn’t have made such a big difference, but it did . . . Really incredible, just miraculous . . . I used to not admit when I was hungry. Now that I know I’m supposed to eat, I have total freedom. I eat all day. I realize I don’t even know what my ‘ideal weight’ is any more and it doesn’t matter . . . It wasn’t like you said “don’t eat this” or “don’t eat out”-it’s just self-reinforcing to eat what works. When you eat something that fuels you and feel great, next time you choose what worked. These are basic distinctions that are common sense, but somehow we never got them. If someone had told me this stuff when I was 10, in the way you did, it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble. If you could guarantee this kind of delivery in schools, it’s exactly what’s needed.”
Georgia., Irvine, CA

“You did a great job–all the elements of good teaching were present. It was good to ground it all in the ‘why should I’ question. I need to take all my pants in–I’ve got suspenders holding them up right now. Not only am I fueling most of the time, but if I forget the snacks, everyone around me wants to know where they are. I’ve got everyone in the office trained to eat every three hours, and things go a lot better! I love looking at [cooking] as ‘assembling’ rather than cooking–I’m doing it, and it tastes great to me.”
Robb B., Teacher, Seattle, WA

“I don’t know what I weigh because I don’t have a scale anymore, but I’m in some clothes I couldn’t even zip a few months ago. I like knowing what, when and how much to eat. I never thought to research the whole darn thing–I love it that you did it for me! I have more energy than before, but best of all is knowing what to do for Chuck that will be healthy.”
Melanie H., Sales Rep and mother, Seattle, WA

“It’s hard to get past the weight loss mentality, but I think I’m over the hump. I think the context you gave us is one reason I’ve kept going. I was out walking tonight and it hit me–this is really about a whole life, not just a diet. It’s about my future, traveling. . . so I’m not fixated on instant results so much anymore. I had a cookie and it didn’t feel like cheating. Even more remarkable is it wasn’t even that great.”
Brenda Berg, Seattle, WA

“There’s so much more thought going into the way I’m eating. I’ve tried a lot of new things. I didn’t realize how much junk was in the brand of yogurt I’d been buying, so I experimented with others and switched . . . I’ve stopped starving to ‘feel’ thinner. My pants are all too big. Even better is the tremendous clarity I have and the definite absence of a lag late in the day. That fuzziness is just gone.”
Michael G., Seattle, WA

“I’ve been going to the grocery store regularly and cooking wonderful new things. This is a miracle. I used to eat out three meals a day because I couldn’t confront the whole thing. I’m saving a ton of money this way. Not only that, but my energy level is amazing, and I think more clearly.”
Peg H., Seattle, WA

“I never knew I could view my body and health this way, as something to be nurtured and taken care of. I’ve been cooking great meals.  My wife and I have also begun walking regularly.”
TK P., Bellevue, WA

“Your workshop has changed my energy and my life. It was brilliant and fascinating–made it all so clear, answered all my questions. I didn’t really know what eating well meant. I was starving myself and had no idea. I was totally unconscious. I don’t hold back any more. I don’t even think about my weight, and I no longer assume that as I get older, I must get fatter. At the holidays, there was a lot more freedom to eat whatever. The result was I didn’t eat much junk. Before, I’d eat one and say ‘I shouldn’t’ and then eat 10 more . . . And when I don’t eat great, I don’t agonize. I just do it till I’m done. And I love my body. I love to take care of it.”
Peg M., Physical Therapist, CA

When you fuel yourself, you notice a lot of things . . . I have way more energy. I’ve never had color in my face, and now I have rosy, natural color. I figure I’ll just keep eating this way–I really prefer it, and it doesn’t seem like a lot of work.”
Judy D., Bellevue, WA

“I’m a very happy camper. My eating habits have changed dramatically, and although I’ve stayed the same weight, I’ve dropped two dress sizes, down to an 8. My skin has never been so clear. And I don’t have to do any weird shopping. I can have everything I like.”
Alice G., Seattle, WA

“Am I getting leaner? Yes. Do I feel better? You bet. But this is the best part: an old friend called me a few weeks after the course. We’ve always had this running dialogue about our bodies. He asked, ‘How’s that 15 pounds?’ And I said ‘what 15 pounds?’ He said, ‘You know, your 15 pounds you always struggle with.’ I didn’t know what he was talking about for a minute. I started laughing. I realized what this really is about. I’ve won the game. I don’t have to get somewhere anymore.”
Dixon D., Bellevue, WA

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Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 07:30:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Laurie T
Subject: Bodyfueling

Dear Robyn: I have been “loosely” Bodyfueling for about 2 weeks. I wanted to tell you what a HUGE difference it made in my life…almost instantly. My family suffers from depression.  I didn’t appear to have any symptoms until my son was born 3 years ago. Along with two other big lifestyle changes that happened at approximately the same time, this threw me into a bout of depression that I have fought since then.  I have had my medicine upped twice and still felt awful most of the time. Hence, hubby and son felt awful most of the time…never knowing when or what was going to blow.  I will admit that I was MEAN, because I was so unhappy. I picked up your book at because I thought, if nothing else, if I started eating ‘right’ maybe I’d lose some ‘weight’ and that might make me feel better.I started fueling on a Thursday morning, by Friday night the difference was apparent to EVERYONE, including myself!  I had ENERGY, my clarity of thinking was back, and the cloud that had been hanging over my head was all but gone!!! I have consulted with my Dr and we are tapering off my medicine…if all goes well (and I have no reason to think it won’t) I will be OFF all medication by the end of the month!!!

I have been walking, am sleeping better, and feel the energy in my body again!  I’m so amazed at the difference in my mind and thought process, and so are my friends and family. There have been a few setbacks…such as a cherry pie my hubby brought home…and within hours of having a piece (okay…a BIG piece!) I was feeling mean and depressed again…and realized that I, too, am on my way to being a ‘Bodyfueling snob’, and am loving every step of the way!

I haven’t lost any weight yet…but suddenly I don’t care about that, it will happen…and the whole reason I picked up your book was to feel better again, and that has certainly happened!

Thank you for giving me my life back!  Thank you for your common sense approach to nutrition and thank God for putting your book in my hands!


The only thing I’ve done differently is to follow the guidelines in your book.  Thanks, ever so much.Sincerely, NAME WITHHELDAll the best, DawnI haven’t lost an ounce of fat (yet) but even in the last three days, fueling my body, instead of starving it, has made me feel great. I am so excited about finally understanding the connection that I can barely contain myself. I even recommended it to my counsellor (who I went to specifically to understand why “I sabotage every diet I ever go on.” When I started talking about the book, she wanted to know if it would be suitable for a young client who was a suspected eating disorder case.  After reading just the first chapter, I said absolutely!BodyFueling—finally something simple that makes sense.Trish 🙂


From: “Dawn L”
Subject: Read your book…Dear Ms. Landis,

I’ve been prowling backpacking/mountaineering shops, and reading the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter for almost 20 years to find what you put in your book, “how to eat better to get in better shape, and avoid getting fat.” I have read that great Wellness Letter regularly for years. I’ve got an extensive background in biology. But, for some reason, I could never put it together.
Your great book, “BodyFueling” did it. The thing that floors me is I knew most of what you described. I was missing a few key items, but most of it I knew. Unfortunately, I was also a victim of diet thinking. That, I’m convinced,  was one of the key stumbling blocks for me. Thanks again for exposing all the misinformation and distortions put out by the “diet industry.” In spite of my efforts, I fell for some of their worst distortions. It has worked for me. A year ago, as the winter season ended, I weighed 168 lbs. I could see, and pinch, the fat around my waist. So I started cutting back on my eating (dieting!). I lost lots of weight.  Too much, in fact. I got down to 156 lbs. I found when I hiked/hunted, or backpacked all day, I got really tired. Exhausted. I wasn’t eating for much of the day. I’d often skip lunch, and never snacked unless I was really weak and literally starving.

This last winter, I found your book. I read it and found myself throwing out probably $60 worth of crappy food. I normally exercise every winter to stay in shape. I use a Nordic Trac Machine and record my performance.  By the end of the winter, I’m normally making 2 miles in 42 minutes while keeping my heart rate between 125 to 142 bpm.  When I reach this point, I would feel pretty smug. I would be ready for the great outdoors and the mountains when the snows would melt off.

BodyFueling changed all that. I got down to less than 36 minutes to reach 2 miles.  Every day, I would rarely take longer than 37 minutes.  My best times were 30 mins after a snack. I’m sure you aren’t surprised. My hiking abilities have improved to levels I have never seen. I hiked a trail a week ago that starts at 6200 ft. and terminates at 9100 ft. in about 3 miles. I did it in 3 hrs and 45 mins.  I hardly had to stop to even catch my breath.  I really stopped only to take a few pictures. I have never seen this level of ability. I’ve run around in the mountains all my life. But, at age 59, I’m doing better than ever. As the summer hiking season starts, I weigh 166 lbs. I don’t care. I don’t have the body fat I had last winter.  What’s more, I eat whenever I need to to, and I eat especially when on the trail. My trail lunches and snacks work amazingly well to fuel me all day.


Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004
From: Trish C.
Subject: Re: BodyFueling SiteDear Robyn,

A short note to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading “BodyFueling“. I wish I had read it years ago, in my early teens. It would have saved me from decades of physical and psychological hardship. I can tell you, though, that I since implementing the eating style you wrote about, I am feeling much more energy, less dizzyness, and feel much more in control of my health and eating.

I was happy to discover your website recently, and wonder if you would consider adding a discussion forum to the site. This would give people from all over the world the chance to share their experiences, stories, and questions re: BodyFueling, vegetarianism, etc. I hope you will consider this. Thank you again for a life changing, empowering book!


Subject: Great Book!

I haven’t even gotten past the first two chapters, and I had to write and say “What an awesome book.” I have been searching for something that would explain the science of eating in such a plain and simple way, and this book does just that.I thought you might find this little anecdote amusing. Just last fall, after I purchased two foals, I begin poring through books on nutrition for young horses. I had their hay analyzed for nutritional content, and even went to a horse nutritionist to make sure that their daily rations were completely balanced.  She provided printouts of all the requirements, exact portions and feeding times, and I am required to weigh them again every two months, so their rations can be readjusted to ensure their daily average grow rate is close to normal.  A horse that grows too fast or slow can develop skeletal or joint problems later in life, and I was doing my best to ensure they would be healthy and well looked after.The irony was, that after doing all this research on fueling my horses properly, I would then eat ice cream, chocolate and chips, skip meals, and feel terrible — physically and emotionally. I needed to do something, but the thought of another diet just put me right off.

I was searching on the ‘net for information on “healthy eating” and came across a book called “The Glucose Revolution,” an informative guide to the glycemic index.  I thought it was a good book, but it just didn’t answer all my questions. Just last weekend, I was talking to my sister (a recovered bulemic), and I said, “I wish I could find a book that explained how to eat properly and the science behind it, you know, like I do for my horses.” She then handed me a copy of “BodyFueling,” which had been given to her by someone at the eating disorder clinic where she now lectures, and I cannot tell you how great the timing was on that. For years I have fought against “diet thinking,” knowing that all these fads just couldn’t be good for you, and watching the people I love torture their bodies for some short-term goal that would be lost as quickly as it was reached.  Like most people, I did understand the basics about what I should eat to stay healthy, but never really understood the science behind it. I myself am a Weight Watchers lifetime member, because it was the only “program” that I felt came close to healthy eating. I just never liked the counting and journaling. To me, it just re-emphasized the obsession with food. I wanted to have a life, not a program.

From: Katie McConnellFirst
Subject: A big THANK YOU

I would like to thank you for your excellent book. Since reading it, and applying the principles in it, I have an ease with food that I have never experienced before as an adult. I am just thrilled and amazed by the fact that I eat and eat and eat, and the result is that I have lost fat. I know this because of the way I look, and the fact that I now buy clothes in a smaller size. I haven’t weighed myself to confirm that – I just know it, and I am so happy to be freed from the neurotic obsession of the number on the scale.I really love eating this way. This is the way I wanted to eat when I first got interested in eating for health. Unfortunately, I read and followed the advice of many different diet books over the years, and I was left with no idea how to eat and a lot of mistaken ideas about food. I no longer lump foods into the categories of good food and bad food. I see it more in terms of its macronutrient components, and in terms of its value as fuel. And I no longer see myself as being good or bad because of what I eat. If I’m at a party and the food looks great, I just eat and enjoy, because I have good habits now when it comes to food, and one meal isn’t going to wreck that.I first read Bodyfueling four months ago, and am now doing a leisurely second read-thru. I’ll probably read it again after that. It is so well written and has so much good information and “food for thought.” I have gotten so much help from that book, and I’m glad to have this opportunity to thank you.


Subject: Nuts for peanuts!

Hi Robin. First I want to tell you that your book BodyFueling saved my life. I was suffering from anorexia 2 years ago and was nearly dead when I found your book in a book store, brought it home and read that whole thing that very night. Not only did I read it that night, but I read it over and over and over until I was sure that I could eat again and I believed what I was reading. I am fully recovered now and I eat so much it is ridiculous! I am extremely athletic and have been maintaining my weight for 2 years. I look and feel better than I ever have and I apply every principle in your book to my life daily. I am sure your books have helped a lot of people the way it helped me. Thanks ever so much. [Removed questions about peanuts] VanessaFrom: Kathy Johnson


From: Kathy Johnson
Subject: body fat

Dear Robyn,
This isn’t really a question…OK, not at all. I just wanted to thank you for your life-changing book and for the hundreds of things that it taught me.I’ve been overweight all of my life but 2 years ago finally changed a lot of my eating habits and started slowly losing fat to the tune of 125 pounds over about 1 years. I’ve been “free” now for about 1-1/2 years. My big regret is that I didn’t have your book back then. But that’s the funny thing…I had it and didn’t know it. I’m a diet book junkie. I buy everything (EVERYTHING) out there. In thrift stores, on-line, in book stores. I had about 60 different books filling my shelf—including yours. I remember reading yours, and thinking, well—that’s interesting. But that’s it. I was on a journey learning about nutrition and eating all through the months and I think I just wasn’t ready for your book yet. I eventually started walking, then running. Gave up meat but not cheese and other animal products. Finally I found your book again and not having remembered reading it, re-read the whole thing. I was so excited my hands were shaking as I realized that I had finally found the key that was missing in my understanding of how to eat and how to lose fat and not muscle.I immediately threw out all of my diet books (and if you knew me you would realize what a scary, terrifying, awful thing that was for me.) I felt like I had found the answer to healthy eating at last and I wasn’t going to mess around with my body anymore. I worked hard for the muscles I have and I’m not going to give them up to Dr. Sears ever again!!!!

I have to admit I was very frightened to do all of the things you suggested. Eating right every single day, fueling my body properly (I am a vegan now so some of my eating habits have changed further still) and not allowing myself to be hungry. Coupled with heavy training I was really puzzled (OK, MAD as sin) to see that the scale wouldn’t budge even though I determined NOT to watch the scale anymore. It’s my biggest weakness I know. Finally I have to laugh because out of frustration I got out my tape measure and measured my hips and waist to get the bad news…Turns out I have lost 1″ of fat off of my waist and 1-1/2″ off of my hips-in 5 WEEKS time!I couldn’t be happier, no kidding. I’m trying hard to decide that it doesn’t matter what the scale says. As long as my tape measure tells me I’m going back down in size that’s all that matters. It’s hard for that to get through to my brain though. I need to throw the stupid scale away and that’s one of my future goals.

I just wanted to thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. You’ve opened my eyes and I’m spreading the word every chance I get. My sister-in-law proudly told me yesterday that she’s lost 7 pounds in the past 10 days and I thought I would choke. It’s all a journey of learning though–and it’s difficult for the normal person to wade through all of the printed lies out there.

Your book is so easy to understand and so packed with facts that I felt I’d had a college education in nutrition! Thanks again Robyn -I can’t tell you enough what it means to me. I feel your information has lifted a lifelong burden from my shoulders.


From: Charlie Crawford
Subject: thanksDear Robyn

I’ve wanted to tell you for some time what a big effect Bodyfueling had on the way I eat and think about food. I discovered the book three years ago waiting in the Point Defiance ferry line the weekend of the Strawberry festival. I was parked up the hill not quite to the Antique Sandwich Company and waiting in line behind Dick P. I commented on how great he was looking, and he told me about your book and how it had changed him. I am someone who was always gaining and then losing the same 25 lbs. I was not in a good place in my life about food or exercise, and besides, Dick can be a very persuasive guy. So I bought your book and I’ve been proselytizing it ever since. I also began to exercise much more regularly and over a year or so I lost 30 lbs and have kept it mostly off. I have gained 10 or so lbs back over the last year, but I have not experienced the anxiety about weight that I had previously. And I have gained the weight primarily because I have been less consistent in my eating and exercising.Mostly, though, this e-mail is just an enthusiastic thank you note. I have wanted to write you or speak to you for several years to thank you for the change your book made in my life.
Thanks,Charlie Crawford


From: Nancy Jackson
Subject: Herbal DefenseI wanted to say thank you so much!

I have read and reread BodyFueling. I finally got my fueling on the right track. I have been fueling now for quite some time. I have just finished Herbal Defense. WOW! Before I finished the book, I started taking some of the herbs you recommend for what I was experiencing. I can’t believe the improvement. You are incredible. I will be looking for new titles from you…I’ll buy whatever you write. Right on girl!


From: Ariel R.
Subject: Myth bust fact sheet and informationDear Ms. Landis

I am a Nutrition student at West Chester University. I am doing a presentation on the Zone Diet and I would love to use your fact sheet and some of your information. I was once swayed by the diets until I read your book and you are truly where I hope to be someday. I think there is a lack of help for women with “disordered eating” or chronic dieters, whatever you want to call it. I feel you have an amazing message and I hope to one day help you spread it. I lost my sister to an eating disorder and I struggle with my own issues. The impact you have had on my life has been tremendous and I want to thank you for that. I still have a ways to go but I have faith that I will achieve my goal of being fit, strong, and healthy and release this fear of food. Well, Happy Thanksgiving! I am so sorry to e-mail you on a Holiday but this is the only time I have to do this research project while we are on break. I hope to hear from you. Take care!