"I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I don’t enjoy it. I hate it. It never works. It’s hard. It’s selfish." What if all that self-care angst VANISHED...replaced by joy, pleasure, power, freedom, and choice? Read on to learn how you can magically melt resistance and overwhelm, and IGNITE your desire to consistently give yourself all you need to be energized, strong, lean, and ageless!”  

If you struggle to take care of and prioritize yourself, or do things you know are good for you, you're not alone.  

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Only 2.7% (!) of Americans actually live the life that we now know prevents most chronic diseases.  

Why is it so hard to make healthy choices—when we want to look and feel great... and even when life itself is at stake?  

And what if this struggle with "motivation" for health could just...heal?  

Well, it CAN. It's possible to connect so deeply and powerfully to what matters... and shift your language and perspective so completely... that you're naturally moved to choose the right things. And that's a whole new world.


The thing is—if you don't DO the good stuff? You don't get what you want. LOVING healthy stuff is the magic that gets you giving your body the best! 

The problem is that most people—professionals and "regular folk" alike— just aren't asking the right questions. The foundation is literally missing.  

The current way of thinking, seeing and approaching health/fitness is failing you because it is inherently and fundamentally misaligned and off track. It's missing KEY PIECES and leading you astray.

BUT YOU—WE—CAN CHANGE THAT! I have. My clients do. And you can too. 


I'm Robyn Landis, a certified health coach, fitness trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, behavior change specialist, and bestselling author.  

I call myself a "Joyful Nourishment Instigator," and I've been evolving my unbelievably effective, unique approach to "health motivation" for nearly 30 years. I've helped thousands overcome health-info confusion, overwhelm, and resistance—and break free of the toxic paradigm I call “Diet Thinking."

I myself happily LIVE the practices I teach clients...that transform and shift healthy choices from drudgery and obligation to pleasure and purpose.  

That's how I KNOW... 

It IS COMPLETELY possible to give yourself everything you need to be nourished...HAPPILY!...for the body, energy and health that matches the life you want to live. 

You CAN actually change how you think, see, and experience this whole aspect of life...and therefore how you ACT... ...and yes, in just a few short weeks. And it LASTS, because it's from the INSIDE OUT...  

The path to get there is "JOY FUEL"... (a unique mix of spirit, science and common sense)

This super-powerful four-session LIVE ONLINE experience with a world-class certified trainer, coach and bestselling author offers unique, trademark, transformative mindset shifts...that help you make healthy choices happily. It introduces a whole new LENS—new ways of speaking, thinking and SEEING—that MELT resistance and overwhelm, and awaken your desire to give yourself good things—as a natural, joyful expression of who you are and what you love (rather than a grim chore or drudgery). 

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  •  Struggle to take care of yourself, or "get yourself to" do things that are good for you 
  •  Want to be healthier, stronger, leaner, or age better—but find yourself uninspired to take action 
  •  Believe you have a problem with “willpower,” and think in terms of "shoulds" 
  •  Feel healthy living is limiting, difficult, or overwhelming (or otherwise negative) 
  •  Have "tried to change" many times—and don't understand why it doesn't last 
  •  Are focused on your weight rather than health, energy, strength, leanness and JOY 
  •  Tend to put yourself and your body/health last; have a hard time prioritizing YOU  

 Earlybird Special: $297.00 

I was eating terribly, and suffering from low energy. Robyn's delicate yet masterful approach led to a total shift in my thinking and wellness. Her approach revolutionized what I think and what I do. I questioned all my previous assumptions, and shifted to a new paradigm of taking great care of myself because I care ABOUT myself. As a result, I have more energy, no headaches, I'm naturally more active, and I'm experiencing fat loss that had eluded me for years. I am delighted beyond measure.

- RICK TRASK, Houston, TX

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What's the point of learning more healthy "stuff to do" if you don't DO it? And not "just do it"—but do it with love, joy, confidence, ease? 

This approach opens up the power and freedom to fully nourish yourself and your body every day. To choose to put your health and self-care FIRST—and not feel selfish! And most of all, to ENJOY it, even relish it. Like a privilege, not a chore.  

This process will literally transform your relationship to ANY healthy choices you want to make—whether related to food, exercise, rest, or stress. Whatever it is you want or need to do—this will help you DO it...naturally, with joy and a sense of purpose and freedom you've never tasted.  

If you want to get fit, healthy, strong, lean, and energized, THIS IS THE FOUNDATION, THE MISSING FIRST STEP for everything you'll ever learn and do. So it becomes how you live and who you are.  

This is what we'll cover—and how it works 

I will personally guide you through my four proven, time-tested experiential modules—packed with eye-opening, provocative, mind-expanding perspectives related to health, fitness, your body and life. You'll see your self-care and well-being through fresh new lenses...that connect what matters most to your choices, and powerfully influence what you DO. Each module will include rich practices, reflection/inquiry, and "home-play." We'll deepen the work through Q&A and in the FB group!

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How to Want What’s Good For You. Learn how to be an "athlete of your life," experience mature authentic choice, cultivate awe and reverence for your body, and tap a deeper why that moves mountains in your wellness.  

Brain Cleansing - Robyn Landis



Spot (and Eliminate!) the Toxic, Invisible Language That Makes Healthy Choices a Drag. AND, how to make conscious language work for you—so you’re a positive, powerful, purposeful and creative force for health in your life, and you experience and cultivate joy and pleasure in self-care!

Woman Holding Scale - Robyn Landis



How To Stop Watching Your Weight and Start Fueling Your Life. Learn how to measure what really matters to everything you really want for you body and life, and stop chasing a mindless distraction. Vaporize myths about weight loss that have held you back all your life! Understand what it really means to get lean!  

Woman and Child Smiling - Robyn Landis



Create a self-loving, generous nourishment blueprint that will guide your well-being to bring joy...not only to you and your own life, but serving the highest good in a deeply satisfying, inspiring, expressive way.

Ths is your journey to joyful, easeful, loving self-care as a way of life... (for the energy, health and body that serves you)

1-2-3 - Robyn Landis

We meet live (also recorded!) and Robyn introduces these new (often mind-blowing!) perspectives...Then we explore them further. After each 60-minute module, there will be optional 30 minutes of Q&A. 

On your own between sessions, you practice, reflect, and further deepen your inquiry into this new conversation and questions. You do this on your own AND can share in the private course Facebook group. 

At the Special Followup Integration Workshop, bring your real-life insights, challenges, breakthroughs and questions, take the discussion deeper and get laser coaching, as well as hear from other participants. 

YES. IT'S POSSIBLE. IT WORKS. ALMOST LIKE MAGIC. 4 weeks to a new way of seeing yourself, your life and health/fitness— so healthy choices become a joy and a privilege, not a chore or obligation 

FOUR WEDNESDAYS starting October 30 (5:00 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET) PLUS a followup Integration Call to be scheduled (for early January) 

modules on WEDS eves— LIVE sessions with Robyn including Q&A (recorded if you can't attend).

Special Integration Workshop to ensure that the perspectives are working their magic in your life

no struggle with health and fitness choices any more! 

“Above all, what you delivered was freedom and choice; I could feel myself relaxing about the whole thing. I’m fueling my body!”

Dr. Kaaren Nichols, M.D.

Founder, Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic, Seattle, WAS

“I immediately made better choices, became noticeably fitter and stopped worrying or struggling with health, food and ‘weight’—and this became part of who I am.”

Dixon Thomas de Leña

Founding Partner/Managing Partner Integral Partnerships LLC

“I can honestly say that working with Robyn has been one of the best investments I have made in myself!”

Joseph Rea

Austin, TX

Unleash your untapped power to fuel your best body and healthiest life—unstoppably

If your struggle with health, energy and self-care is limiting your life, this approach WILL help you become DEEPLY HAPPY GETTING EXCEPTIONALLY HEALTHY™.  

Someone who takes amazing care of yourself because you care ABOUT yourself. 


EarlyBird Bonus #1 "Self-Care as a Sacred Practice" Care Package 

Value: $97 Bonus Offer Expires October 25—midnight PT

This Care Package includes all 14 amazing audio and video interviews from the February 2019 "Self-Care as a Sacred Practice" series, to support this inquiry into sacred self-care and joyfully healthy choices from many angles. These perspectives complement mine as you embark on the journey of crafting your own powerful self-care practice. This interview series received rave reviews, and the Care Package is still available for purchase today at $97. Each of these 14 interviews is a gem, like its own little workshop, with the whole series acting like a mini-course in itself! Read more about SCAASP here.

EarlyBird Bonus #2 Jeff Carreira “Sacred Self-Care” Dialogue 

Value: $97 Bonus Offer Expires October 25—midnight PT

Jeff Carreira is a meditation and spiritual teacher, philosopher, and author, and was one of our beloved Self-Care as a Sacred Practice interviewees. His interview was one of the most watched and commented on, and I felt his dialogue in a sense richly embodied all the key wisdom of the whole summit in one conversation! Because of this, I invited him back, and we're having a Part II and Part III dialogue JUST for Joy Fuelers, to dive in even further from his initial talk. Access to these special inquiries with Jeff is an EXCLUSIVE gift for JoyFuelers who join by October 22!

EarlyBird Bonus #3 Ageless Skin Naturally Workshop 

Value: $47 Bonus Offer Expires October 25—midnight PT

NO FILTERS, NO MAKEUP, NO NEEDLES, NO KIDDING. I just hosted this special workshop thats brand new and super packed with info—on Ageless Skin Naturally. It includes 2 hours of new unpublished content, tons of resources. This is my VERY BEST tried / tested / lived stuff—all my most powerful practices and favorite products (not selling them, just dishing) making the most difference to my skin, from my 40s into now 50s! I'll share what I believe is making my skin so ageless at this age. This workshop received dozens of rave reviews (like "This was a great seminar. Tons of useful information served up by someone who really knows her stuff and is definitely a walking billboard for what she advocates.") and you'll get the recording of the workshop AND the followup Q&A and the resource workbook. Join by October 25 to receive access !

"I never knew I could view my body and health this way, as something to be nurtured and taken care of. I've been cooking great meals, My wife and I have also begun walking regularly."


Golf Pro, Bellevue, WA

"I no longer assume that as I get older, I must get fatter. I realize that I love my body and I love to take care of it. " 

Peg M. 

Physical Therapist, CA 

"Your passion and love is palpable and infectious! Your course is so nourishing on so many levels. You walk what you teach and demonstrate it in the way you relate to the material, with us, and in your language!"

Eloise Erasmus

Therapist, MN 

“Robyn helped me have the body that best supports me, without feeling restricted and instead feeling empowered and free. By connecting with and owning my own beautiful vision for my life, and then bringing that with me to every choice I make, it becomes natural and easy to make healthy choices that nourish me, and to do so with joy.”

HOLLY BAKER Publisher/Owner, Natural Awakenings Magazine Tucson, AZ 

“I now think of my self as a ‘health athlete.' I think in terms of supporting and giving to myself, not ‘doing what I should.' I am aware of my choices, and am excited to make healthy choices, and I enjoy movement and exercise in a renewed way. I am so grateful!”

DAVID GODSEY Vashon, Washington


You're in for an amazing journey getting deeply happy on the way to being exceptionally healthy. I promise.  

I mean I really promise. I’m so confident in the powerful transformative results of this process that, if after four weeks you don’t feel like you relate to health and fitness in a completely new way—more empowered and free to give yourself what you need, take care of yourself with awe, reverence and love…  

Well, just show me that you actually did the work – submit your “home play” (because of course, this does only work if you engage with the process, LOL) and I will gladly refund your money.  

Except… I know that if you do the work, you will find yourself thinking and ACTING so differently, it won’t even be recognizable.  

Robyn Landis Headshot


ROBYN LANDIS is an ACE-certified fitness professional, transformational and functional health coach, bestselling author, fitness nutrition specialist, herbalist, Reiki healer, and "joyful nourishment instigator." With this unique constellation of skills and wisdom, she helps people happily, easily make choices that fuel what really matters most to them, so they achieve the body and energy that’s fit for their dreams—and grow “chronologically richer” fearlessly and beautifully. 

Robyn synthesizes nearly 3 decades of study, research and practice to deliver her signature blend of science, spirit, and common sense—refreshingly free of hype, regimens, extremes, or concern for irrelevant “weight.” Her trademark Conscious Inspiration™ process has helped thousands overcome health-info confusion, overwhelm, and resistance—and break free of the toxic paradigm she calls “Diet Thinking™.”  

Robyn's books (including Herbal Defense, cowritten with one of the country’s top plant medicine experts) have been published by Warner Books in five languages with a combined 200,000 copies in print. Her third book is on the way. Going on three energetic, vibrant decades of walking her talk, she exemplifies the potential she believes is our joyful birthright. She also tirelessly vaporizes destructive myths about health, fitness, and aging, and speaks passionately about how we can transform medicine and fitness culture to inspire people to be good to themselves—which is what self-care really is.

Robyn deflated all of the arguments, resistance and emotional issues about ‘healthy eating’ that kept me from fully committing myself to it. Nothing—even after 14 years of being a fitness instructor myself—reached me like the clarity, authenticity, and completeness of this approach. Before, food issues took up a lot of space and energy, and I got no results. Robyn totally reversed that: food is not a concern, and I have a whole lot of results. Losing all the fat was almost irrelevant compared to the emotional freedom and practical ease of nourishing my body.” 

SUSAN BENNETT Teacher, Edmonds, Washington

"The typical medical approach is to make diet and exercise seem like something you HAVE to do, totally lacking in passion or connection to the importance of taking care of oneself. Robyn’s approach really digs in to who you are, what makes you tick, and where your hang-ups are. I can't recommend Robyn highly enough, and am so happy to have completed this course in order to better nourish myself and my patient population!"