Want your skin to age well? YOU age well.

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Skin reflects health. People often compliment me on my skin (thanks! so sweet! 🙂 ), and it’s one reason (among a good handful) that I am often thought to be younger than I am.

People also ask how. Well, it’s not one product or one thing I do. (It never is.) Everything that works about my health, fitness or vitality is because of EVERYTHING I do. Everything affects everything, which is why I never say “do this one thing,” and instead focus on the interplay between all the vital basics—and establishing that first. It’s the whole picture, the integration of all the keys: good food, movement, rest, natural medicine, hydration, outdoors time, joy and emotional well-being/expression/creativity, and more.

The idea is to find your core low-hanging fruit in each of those areas, and put that in place for impact you can see/feel (usually pretty fast). Lay that foundation, then build on that if you want to get finer and more detailed and “tweak” and master.  But the basics can take you a long way. Learn and live the essentials of nourishment and fueling your body, and how they work together for you!

It’s not that products don’t matter. Their quality matters greatly. I’m super picky about this (and so happy that today there are SO many great choices for nice “clean” skin and hair care products free of synthetics and needless junk. But even the best products won’t, by themselves, compensate for poor self-care—no matter what they promise!

Food and sleep and exercise all have tremendous impact on skin. Moving your body regularly does wonders for skin, especially certain intensities and not too much; certain foods especially help, while others are destructive. Almost nothing gives you the glow that a good night’s sleep does. Even meditation can boost skin! The best is when all of these elements are tended to—the synergy and interplay between them is powerful. That’s a well-fueled body and life—total nourishment.

But okay, here’s one new (for me) topical tip. 🙂  Lately, I’ve been loving oils on my face! As a pitta (fire) type in Ayurveda terms, I’ve always had skin on the oily side (which has surely supported my slow skin aging—but again, make no mistake, you can screw heredity up with stress, smoking, crappy food and sedentary life). So I’ve not always been a facial-oil fan. But at this age, facial oil starts to makes sense.
I don’t buy fancy, artificially fragranced multi-ingredient oils at the beauty counter, though. Plain, bulk, pure organic oils. These are my top 7 oils for face:
~ Coconut oil
~ Rose hip seed oil
~ Sea buckhorn oil
~ Argan oil
~ Marula oil
~ Camellia oil
~ Brahmi, amla, and/or bhringaraj in a base of pure sesame oil
The only exception to the “plain-oil” thing is the last on the list. Those are herbs in an oil base, and they have been revered in Ayurveda as hair and skin treatments for centuries. I don’t totally love sesame oil for my skin per se, but that’s the traditional Ayurvedic base for those herbs. I use a blend from Tattvas, a great Ayurvedic herb store in Seattle that also sells online. Their stuff is very simple, authentic and superb quality.) You could also buy the herbs and make your own infusion in a lighter oil, which I may try. Right now I mix my Brahmi-Amla-sesame oil 50-50 with coconut, marula or rose hip for a lighter feel. It works great and I swear those herbs really add a glow. I bought it for hair, but tried it on my skin and love it.
Tips and tricks for face oil: Choose one, two, several or all to combine and put the oil or blend in an empty glass roll-on vial (cheap at any healthy food store, co-op or online). Then you don’t have to get your hands/fingers all greasy when you put it on. I like to roll on a thin layer of oil (especially around eyes) and then add light, simple moisturizer over that (I’ll share some faves next post— I use only all-natural products without synthetics and artificial stuff. Want a full list of skin-care ingredients I suggest you avoid—and how to do it (it’s not hard)? Go to nourish.university and write to me from there; I’ll send that to you.).
Another tip if you’re not vegan/vegetarian: collagen powder really does plump up the skin. I tried it but sadly, when I realized what it was (duh? DOH!) I personally had to stop using it. I noticed a difference. But now I take a vegan supp instead called Biosil. It’s pretty effective.
skinshot-retreatSo….This is me a few days ago, May 2017, at a conference, after days of travel and all-day trainings. No touchups or filters. No lasers or botox or fillers or whatever, ever. Just me at…this age. 🙂 Doing the above-described self-care.
It works, and IMHO it’s more fun and effective and real than covering up with lots of makeup and doing surgery. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those things if you enjoy them. I wear a little [natural] makeup. They can further enhance an already healthy body/face/self. But relying on those things in leiu of the glow that comes from inside is missing out on a bigger potential. 
Because the bonus is: pretty much everything that’s good your skin is good for everything else too. Everything that will slow your skin’s aging will slow aging, period. If YOU age well, your SKIN will reflect it. It’s not divorced. Nothing is. Stop treating each of your health concerns and wellness interests as its own discrete isolated thing, and all of it will bloom.

IMO: Healthy is most beautiful.

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