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How self-care, health and fitness stem from self-love (or at least “self-like”)

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A few weeks ago, I posted a photo that my neighbor and friend took of me in my new swimsuit (my first item as a Prana influencer, and I just loved it) as I was headed off to the pool. It happened to be the night that my latest online course registration was ending, so I paired it with a reminder about that, along with a heartfelt sharing about what it means to me to “love your body.” (In essence, that I believe you can love yourself first, love yourself as action of treating yourself lovingly…which nourishes …

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Holiday Eco-Shopping 2017—Green Gift Guide

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7 Places to Get Your Gifts (plus Bonus Recommendations!) A Guide to Eco-Friendly, Recycled, Organic, Natural, Fair-Trade, Upcycled, and Otherwise Green Alternatives Back in 2004-2007, I took the time every holiday season to compile a little PDF guide featuring a full 100 great eco-friendly/green gift ideas. I considered myself something of an “eco-shopper” (and still do). Someone who can find you an organic, recycled, all-natural, fair-trade, vegan, and/or used version of any thing you might want to get or give. I took great pleasure in selecting the coolest, most interesting and environmentally friendly wares, suggesting that you consider these …

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Why “thin” is utterly meaningless—and a juicier, healthier goal to consider

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REFLECTIONS ON THE NONSENSE OF “THIN”—AND THE JOYS OF TRUE WELL-BEING, FREEDOM, AND BEING AWAKE… I love and treasure my body, my self and my life. I am grateful and I am happy. I am aware, awake and alive. I am passionate about this. Not all of this came easily or early, but it is real, true, and joyful—and utterly possible for you, too.  I am not happy because I am “thin.” I am not thin, because there is no such thing. That’s a generic subjective word that doesn’t refer to anything of substance or …

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Want your skin to age well? YOU age well.

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Skin reflects health. People often compliment me on my skin (thanks! so sweet! 🙂 ), and it’s one reason (among a good handful) that I am often thought to be younger than I am. People also ask how. Well, it’s not one product or one thing I do. (It never is.) Everything that works about my health, fitness or vitality is because of EVERYTHING I do. Everything affects everything, which is why I never say “do this one thing,” and instead focus on the interplay between all the vital basics—and establishing that first. It’s the …

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Soothing the Heat of Summer: A Real-World Guide to Sunscreen

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The sun is a beautiful and powerful source of light, energy and—for many of us—joy. But most of us have to contend with sunscreen when we spend time in the sun, and sunscreens are confusing for many people. We’re urged by most health authorities to use it regularly, yet there are conflicting reports on whether / how / how much / what kind we should be using. As a longtime natural skin and hair product enthusiast and aficionado—and ingredient watchdog—one of the most common questions I get (besides food/exercise- and herb/supplement-related queries!) relates to sunscreen. …