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If you resonate with these beliefs, you’re a Joy Fueler!

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If you believe what I believe (about self-care,  joyful healthy living, and a nourished life?)…you might want to consider yourself part of a movement! There are many possible definitions of “tribe.” But recently I heard a definition of  “tribe” that really sparked something for me. Apparently it comes from British/American author and motivational speaker Simon O. Sinek who wrote Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.    This definition describes your “tribe” as people who believe what you believe. I LOVE that! I also heard another speaker say that a clear set …

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Nourishment and self care when times are tough (or just look that way)

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Many of us are wondering in these arguably dark and often confounding, complex times what we can do, how we can make a difference, how we can offer support, and how we can take care of ourselves / other people / the planet under current conditions. I have some thoughts. There are probably many things we can each do, that we will be called to do, certainly on more than one level. I have been thinking about what I’m currently doing for work + contribution—one of the main things—and how it relates to all this. At times recently, I wondered if …