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Nourishment and self care when times are tough (or just look that way)

In Activism, Conscious Consumer, Mind/Body/Spirit by Robyn Landis2 Comments

Many of us are wondering in these arguably dark times what we can do, how we can make a difference, how we can offer support, and how we can take care of ourselves / other people / the planet under current conditions. I have some thoughts. There are probably many things we can each do, that we will be called to do, certainly on more than one level. I have been thinking about what I’m currently doing for work + contribution—one of the main things—and how it relates to all this. At times recently, I wondered if it does relate. Does …

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When someone who read your book at age 19 writes to you at age 40

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I will try to introduce this dialogue as briefly as possible. I wrote this book BodyFueling in the 1990s. It came out in 1994, sold over 150,000 copies published by Warner Books, was reprinted in five countries.  Not millions of copies or a New York Times bestseller, but it made many regional bestseller lists and got some great reviews from major magazines and newspapers. Pretty good for a 25-year-old first-time author without an agent. I was quite young and so was the Internet, and there were no social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blogs …

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Holiday Eco-Shopping 2015—Green Gift Guide

In Conscious Consumer by Robyn Landis1 Comment

10 Places to Get Your Gifts (plus Bonus Recommendations!) A Guide to Eco-Friendly, Recycled, Organic, Natural, Fair-Trade, Upcycled, and Otherwise Green Alternative Back in 2004-2007, I took the time every holiday season to compile a little PDF guide featuring a full 100 great eco-friendly/green gift ideas. I considered myself something of an “eco-shopper” (and still do)—someone who can find you an organic, recycled, all-natural, fair-trade, vegan, and/or used version of any thing you might want to get or give. I took great pleasure in selecting the coolest, most interesting and environmentally friendly wares, suggesting that you consider these items …

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A Thanksgiving eve invitation to consider turkeys: each could pardon one

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(NOTE: This started out as a post to my Facebook community—but I decided to go ahead and put it on the blog as well.) I’m going to plug this idea JUST this once before Thanksgiving. As food for thought, so to speak. Every Thanksgiving, the President pardons a turkey. It’s supposed to be sort of “haha.” Cute. But really, if you think about it, it’s kind of strange and insensitive and pointless (to put it mildly) . Because 40-45 million others still die for the Thanksgiving table. (And the pardoned one gets killed by the …

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Soothing the Heat of Summer: A Real-World Guide to Sunscreen

In Conscious Beauty, Conscious Consumer by Robyn Landis9 Comments

The sun is a beautiful and powerful source of light, energy and—for many of us—joy. But most of us have to contend with sunscreen when we spend time in the sun, and sunscreens are confusing for many people. We’re urged by most health authorities to use it regularly, yet there are conflicting reports on whether / how / how much / what kind we should be using. As a longtime natural skin and hair product enthusiast and aficionado—and ingredient watchdog—one of the most common questions I get (besides food/exercise- and herb/supplement-related queries!) relates to sunscreen. …