A Simple, Heartfelt Mini-Manifesto for a Healthy Happy Fit Fueled New Year

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Try THIS in 2016: Banish the meaningless, diversionary, tired and unappealing words “weight loss” “thin” “slim” and “slender” from your vocabulary. Steadfastly ignore them when New Year’s headlines dribble and spew them. Dispense with “regimens.” Forget “sticking to” anything. That includes any “diet.” Eradicate these words and ideas. Boldly, resolutely, ebulliently.

Instead, focus on eating and moving your body to feel amazing and to gift yourself with care. And sure, why not, to look good as well (but accept that “looking good” is not “thin” and no special number on a scale ever ensures it—please!

“Thin” is like some outdated word from the 70s or 80s or 90s. It is literally meaningless. It’s not only subjective, it’s irrelevant to health, fitness, or energy. Or even bodyfat composition.)

Trust that the choices now soundly established for feeling good (immediately and long-term) happen to lead to looking good too. Looking good as in the very best YOU that ever could be. Alive, radiant, energized, reasonably lean in a healthy way.

Consider that healthy and nourished IS most beautiful. Moving a body that blessedly, gratefully works is gorgeous. Seek energy and aliveness.

Focus on your health and that of others as well. Consider how you’d choose if it wasn’t just about you. Consider that the healthiest, fittest, and most fulfilling life will be one in which you take great loving care of yourself, and really relish good food in service of that—in a way that also does least harm possible.

That will mean focusing on plant-based whole foods that make you look and feel good—now and also long-term—and also that are kind and safe for all. Which will also mean plant-based sustainable organic agriculture. Be curious about where it leads you if you open yourself to care in equal measure for your own robust health and energy, your friends and family, farmers, hungry people, soil, air, oceans, land and sea creatures, medicine, and the future as well as this moment.  Let this journey take you.

Think about food as beautiful, delicious fuel. Think about fueling/powering your life, your passion, your purpose and what you care about—what matters—with the best quality fuel you can find. Learn about it. Invest in it. Explore. Think. Then do. Apply what you learn because you care.

And thoroughly enjoy it. Fall in love with the bright colors and flavors and textures of the whole-food smorgasbord. Fall in love with the breathing pulsing moving miracle that is your body. Which doesn’t mean accepting it being less than its healthy, solid best. It means honoring the miracle with the best care you can give.

As with many things of value, it may take some doing. But such doing need not be…all those words we banished above. It means love, not punishment. It means embrace and recognition and embodiment—not submission and resignation. It means wisdom and mature choice, not meek or sullen adherence.

Cherish your choices, your fortunate access, your free will. Revel in them. Treasure your body’s astonishing ability to move and carry you. Realize that you can have virtually anything you want; the question is what do you really want? Most deeply? Assert your marvelous, awesome ability to choose—to do what is loving, good, nourishing, wholesome and productive. Flex it. Use it. Bring it to life.

And share all this with everyone you know. I don’t just mean the post, though that is fine. I mean be this and teach it and show it.

With love and respect for food, our bodies, our health, our earth, and its creatures, a joyful new year to all—Robyn Landis



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