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Healthy Holiday Hacks: 18 Ways to Sail Through the Season Fit, Fueled, and Fulfilled

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So we had Thanksgiving, and Christmas is right on its heels. The holiday season is in official full swing. And many people sense themselves about to descend (if they haven’t already!) into a haze of sugar, shopping, sleep deprivation and saturation—spending in every sense of the word. In spite of the potential for warmth, fun, giving, extra time with friends and family, and reflective celebration of the year nearing its end, too many people feel exhausted—by the extra demands on their time now, and the expectations surrounding gifts, food, and events. Even dedicated healthy-living buffs …

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15 ways to keep sugar to 50 grams a day, still enjoy sweets, and be healthy

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  Sugar has emerged in recent years as a more insidious and dangerous threat to our health than we had previously thought. Accumulating scientific evidence is revealing the role sugar plays in the persistent obesity epidemic that plagues our nation—as well as in cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, dementia and depression, infertility and impotence, and the inflammation that is also implicated in these and many other diseases. Accordingly, health and nutrition experts have increasingly urged government and health authorities to set limits for (if not regulate) sugar consumption. The momentum and gravity of …

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Why I’m back 20 years later to talk about “fueling” and more

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One of the things about being a young health author—say, a diet author in your twenties—is that a certain number of people will always have the “out” of saying “Oh, it’s just because you’re young that this works for you.” Whatever it is you happen to be suggesting, skeptics can dismiss it based on the idea that, for someone your age, anything would work. My 1994 book Bodyfueling (and its predecessor, a basic healthy-eating workshop that I ultimately delivered to about  3,000 people) developed a fairly decent following for a first-time author with no agent …