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Soothing the Heat of Summer: A Real-World Guide to Sunscreen

In Conscious Beauty, Conscious Consumer by Robyn Landis9 Comments

The sun is a beautiful and powerful source of light, energy and—for many of us—joy. But most of us have to contend with sunscreen when we spend time in the sun, and sunscreens are confusing for many people. We’re urged by most health authorities to use it regularly, yet there are conflicting reports on whether / how / how much / what kind we should be using. As a longtime natural skin and hair product enthusiast and aficionado—and ingredient watchdog—one of the most common questions I get (besides food/exercise- and herb/supplement-related queries!) relates to sunscreen. …

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Barely-Sweet, Super-Chocolatey, Easy Avocado-Choco Mousse

In Food, Recipe by Robyn Landis0 Comments

So, I’m a plant-based health coach and fitness trainer… and I don’t like avocado. Gasp!  I know—it’s heretical. I don’t like to admit it. (I hate sprouts, too. There. I said it. Hey, I like pretty much everything else!) But avocado is so incredibly healthy—with its unsaturated fat, carotenoid antioxidants (like lutein and zeaxanthin), B vitamins, fiber and potassium—that I do try to work some into my food life. I look for sneaky ways to do it, kind of like trying to get kids to eat their vegetables by hiding them in more kid-savory items.  Guacamole is one …

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Why I’m back 20 years later to talk about “fueling” and more

In Health by Robyn Landis2 Comments

One of the things about being a young health author—say, a diet author in your twenties—is that a certain number of people will always have the “out” of saying “Oh, it’s just because you’re young that this works for you.” Whatever it is you happen to be suggesting, skeptics can dismiss it based on the idea that, for someone your age, anything would work. My 1994 book Bodyfueling (and its predecessor, a basic healthy-eating workshop that I ultimately delivered to about  3,000 people) developed a fairly decent following for a first-time author with no agent …